United States-Colombia International Chamber of Commerce

The United States-Colombia
International Chamber of Commerce
is the leading bi-national business
organization working to build mutually
beneficial trade and investment
relationships in the Americas. The
organization’s mission is to promote
business between the United States
and Colombia.

Constituted to promote
and foster trade,
investment and good
business relations.

The Chamber promotes an environment that will
encourage the development of business between
U.S. and Colombian companies by organizing and
participating in trade fairs and trade missions,
and by organizing forums that bring buyers, sellers
and other parties together to promote successful
The Chamber has developed a program of activities
to provide updated information on social,
economic and political arenas to the U.S. and Colombian
business community. These activities include
monthly seminars, networking sessions and
cultural events that create awareness of major
issues, foster business opportunities and broaden
understanding between both countries.
The Chamber provides bilingual electronic and
print resources to give to members up-to-date
intelligence on the U.S.-Colombia market and to
keep members informed of programs, services
and business development efforts. The Chamber
also provides research and translation capabilities
for members.

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